our story

Many, many years ago in a town called Assisi, lived a man named Francis. He devoted his life to God and to caring for his neighbor. In the closing days of his life, Francis (whom we now know as Saint Francis) reflected on the beauties of our shared life with Mother Nature. He conveyed his sentiments in the way he knew best – by writing a poem in his language, Italian, becoming the first person to write in the vernacular instead of Latin. Francis wrote of a splendor no man or woman can escape: Nullu homo vivente po skappare.

Scappare, as it is written in today’s Italian, a word that originated in Assisi and used by one man to convey his love for Earth’s majesties and his home. This is what skappo brings to you – a love for the wonders of nature, along with a passion for our culture.

These sentiments have been brought to New Haven through the union of an inspired native of Assisi and a young artistic American student. It was a pristine spring day when Anna Gambacorta and Thomas Sincavage first exchanged glances across Assisi’s Piazza Minerva (June 3, 1973 at 3:20 pm – to be exact!). The union has grown over the thirty-six years of marriage, and now includes children Michael, Yvette and Marc, daughters-in-law Louise and Minola, and grandchildren Massimo, Rocco and our newest addition Marcello!

Come, escape with us to celebrate together culture, friends and life! Enjoy the foods of Italy, with old friends or new ones! Toast with us perche la vita e’ bella e la vogliamo vivere sempre piu’ – because life is beautiful, and we want to live every moment!